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Puppies bite when they play. That's what they do! When you play with a puppy with your hands, your hands become the toy they want to bite.

Does your dog know how to drop what they have in their mouth on command? Here’s how to teach them to give or drop or release. Positive results with positive reinforcement dog training skills. No more chasing after the dog.

Reading a Dog's Body Language Prevents Behavior Problems. See fear and aggression while it’s still mild. Learn how to help a fearful dog and avoid aggression.

Train with positive reinforcement and dogs will want to behave politely. Good dog manners is just a training treat away.

Dogs use body language to communicate. In this case, the dog with the bone is signaling to the approaching dog to stay away. Once you learn what to look for, you'll always recognize it to prevent object guarding aggression between dogs or between dogs and owners.

My dog jumps on people! How can I teach him not to jump? This video has the answer and it’s all about predicting the behavior, preventing it by controlling the dog, teaching the dog to sit when people approach and rewarding the dog without petting.

A dog who bolts out of the car is dangerous. Teach your dog to get out of the car calmly and safely using "Stay" and "Come".