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Dog Training Hacks

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Dog Training Hacks

In this 3 week class learn how and when to use the obedience skills your dog knows. Discover why your dog isn’t responding in the way you want and how to teach and reinforce better behavior through creative problem solving. The first 2 sessions explore the world of dog behavior. In the final class, participants will bring their dog to class and show off their successes using only positive, force-free, reward-based training. Age 14+. (Not for dogs with reactivity or aggression issues). Clark Community College, Vancouver, WA

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Choose the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

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A 3-week class at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. Discover how to find the dog that’s right for you and your family from a dog behavior specialist. Explore the fascinating world of dog breed behavior, how their breed influences who they are and what you can do to manage your dog’s issues no matter what their age. Topics include: how to choose a puppy and a breeder, what to look for in a rescue dog, how to manage your own expectations, what behaviors are trainable and what challenges will require sensitive support. Age 14+

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