Puppy + Obedience Packages


Puppy + Obedience Class Package

The Super Puppy + Obedience Packages combine the Super Puppy and Practical Obedience Classes into one affordable price and are perfect for owners who are committed to an emotionally stable, easily trained dog.

The Super Puppy Classes are On-going. You can start any weekend.

Super Puppy + Obedience Economy Package

Package includes:

  • Weekly Super Puppy Classes* (as many classes as you can attend at the location you registered for until your puppy is 5 months old)
  • 5 Week Practical Obedience Class when your puppy turns 5 months old**

Over $100 in savings than if purchased separately!


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*Super Puppy Class is for puppies 10-19 weeks old
**Practical Obedience for puppies starting at 20 weeks old

Good-Family-Dog-Puppy-Class-2Super Puppy Class Details
– For puppies 10-19 weeks old
– On-going schedule
– Begin any weekend
– 45 minute classes

When should puppies start class?

Castle Rock: Sundays at 11:45
Franktown: Saturdays at 11:30 


Curriculum covers:

  • Safe socialization techniques
  • Introduction to useful obedience skills
  • Creating a cooperative puppy
  • Confidence building
  • Tips for normal puppy behavioral challenges (mouthing, nipping, play skills, jumping, etc.)

Good-Family-Dog-Obedience-Class-2Practical Obedience Details
- For puppies 20 weeks or older
– 5 one-hour, weekly classes

Castle Rock: Sundays at 10:30 am and Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Franktown: Saturdays at 10:15
Curriculum covers:

  • How to teach, reinforce and use the behaviors you want
  • Interruption skills, coming when called, polite greetings, polite leash walking, stay, leave it, sit, down, etc.
  • How to create a well mannered dog
  • How to motivate the dog to be an enthusiastic training partner

Is your dog older than 5 months? This class is Available separately for $139.