Agility & Lure Chasing


Agility for Fun & Exercise

Good-Family-Dog-AgilityAgility for Fun & Exercise is an entertaining, noncompetitive way to build your dog’s confidence, enjoy your dog’s company, practice your obedience skills and exercise your dog!

 Reactive dogs are not appropriate for this class.

4 one-hour, weekly classes
- 4 dog limit for more fun time
9 different agility obstacles
1 tired dog!


Castle Rock


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Lure Chasing

Lure Chasing, also known as “Lure Coursing,” is a fast-paced chase sport. Dogs run after a “bunny” lure (a white or blue plastic bag) that is attached to a line and operated on a pulley system. They run in an open field and run as fast or slow as they want. This sport was developed for sight hounds, but many dogs love the thrill of the chase. If your dog loves to chase things, they will LOVE lure chasing!

There are no special skills or training required to start your dog in lure chasing, but your dog must be in good physical condition because this is a demanding sport.

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1. Group Lure Chasing Hour
Enjoy the open spaces of my property easily located just a few minutes east of Castle Rock and South of Parker. We run groups of 6 dogs per hour and dogs can run alone or with a group. Each dog will get at least 3 runs. Lure course and waiting area is fenced
$22 per dog for an hour of Lure Chasing.

Next Lure Chasing: Sunday, September 3 at 1:00 Sold Out
Please email me at to register.