Life Changing Behavior & Training Tips

“It was a relief having someone who truly knows and understands our dog, Scarlet. Your information helped us develop our “good family dog.”
We’re looking forward to your ongoing training tips blog and newsletters!”

Craig Henderson and Scarlet

What do you need to create a good family dog?

Information is the number one thing that dog owners need to keep their dog happy and their sanity in tact. Over the past 15 years research has shown that our dogs are not what we think they are. They have feelings, genetically driven behaviors and needs. Owning a dog can be a little like creating this website. It seems easy and straightforward. But, once you get into the details, it’s a lot harder than you thought. The more you know about dogs, and what drives them, the easier it is to live with them.

This is a free resource site. Make yourself at home. Search a topic in the blog posts and videos. It’s my pleasure to help you.

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