Good Family Dog has moved to Washington.
If you live in the South Denver metro area, please contact my protege, Robin Brown of Positive Pup Training!

The dogs and I are off to Washington State to work our magic with the pups of the Pacific Northwest. If you’re looking for one of my classes, you’re in luck. Robin Brown of Positive Pup Training has been trained by me to do what I do at Tails Up in Castle Rock and at Franktown Animal Clinic in Franktown. Check out her website and you’ll find the class you’re looking for.

Robin Brown of Positive Pup Training is Here!

Hi! I’m Robin Brown of Positive Pup Training. I’ve been training with Laura Brody, owner of Good Family Dog, and I’m ready to help you with Puppy and Obedience classes in Castle Rock and Franktown. I’d love to get to know you and your dog! Take a look!

Prevent bad behaviors.  Teach this instead.   Reward good behavior.

What type of training do you need?

Private Training

bula-front-door-2Private training is perfect for: 

  • Dogs who are fearful, skittish or aggressive
  • Issues that are specific to the dog’s environment
  • House training, separation anxiety, barking, living with kids and dogs, etc.

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Group Classes

Good-Family-Dog-Group-Classes-2-2Economical way to train the dog with no emotional or worrisome issues. Dog who are aggressive towards people or other dogs will require at least one private session before they can be in a group class.

Classes offered:

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Why Good Family Dog?

Hi, I’m Laura Brody! Welcome to the Good Family Dog website!

The classes and information here are the culmination of over 35 years of training dogs and my on-going dedication to educating myself about their behavior.

Dogs respond to me not because I “whisper” to them, but, because I listen to them. I love teaching owners how to get similar results using force-free, respectful techniques. It’s a thrill to see the “aha!” moment when an owner sees the success they get from reward-based training. My goal is to help them create a cooperative, enthusiastic and loving partnership between themselves and their dogs.

I teach humans to deal with the cause of a behavior, not to focus on the symptoms. My success, and I hope, yours will be, too, comes from teaching the dog skills that are used as “tools” to replace behaviors we don’t want and get behaviors that are more appropriate.

Here’s what I’ve learned about dogs over 3 decade’s time:

  • Dogs are honest creatures. Their behavior is always a result of their emotions.
  • Dogs learn what they live.
  • Use rewards that are valuable to the dog. Rewards are always defined by the learner, not the trainer. Very few dogs want to work for praise alone.
  • Respect the dog enough to allow them to problem solve.
  • Teach them skills you want them to have. Reward the behaviors you want to see again.
  • Dogs only do what works.
  • Dogs only do what is safe.

My two biggest challenges are eliminating anger and punishment from the dog training culture and helping owners understand that the dominance theory is a myth perpetrated by the media to promote television personalities, sell books and create the illusion that every unwanted behavior can be eliminated if owners show their dogs who’s boss. Bullying is not training. Even if our dogs were wolves – and they are not – their natural behavior would not resemble the media’s portrayal of constantly battling for higher ranking status and aggressing towards each other to achieve their needs.

I dedicate myself to educating owners so that they know what animal behaviorists and truly dog friendly trainers have known for years: Positive doesn’t mean permissive and Kind, Consistent and Purposeful training goes a long way.

Whether it’s a group class, a private session or an action packed agility or lure Chasing event, why not find out today how wonderful it feels to have a Good Family Dog?



Laura Brody
Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist
Member of the Victoria Stilwell Positively Training Team